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Zubair Enterprises Development Center

Zubair EDC

(Zubair EDC’s LinkedIn profile)

The Zubair Enterprises Development Centre (Zubair EDC) is one of the initiatives which emanated from The Zubair Corporation’s Social Responsibility strategic vision towards the Omani society. The vision reflects the group’s belief in the importance of small enterprises (EDC) in enhancing the national economy and contributing to sustainable socio-economic development.

Established in 2013, Zubair EDC is envisioned to be more than an incubator for small businesses. It is a professional body that capitalises on its high professionalism, diversified knowledge, wide range of accumulated expertise, and its own global and local network and strategic partners. Zubair EDC also builds on The Zubair Corporation’s strengths to lead positive change in the local business environment, which supports small businesses and promising initiatives in the Sultanate.

Dr. Azza Al-Busaidi

Senior Lecturer at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences

(Dr. Azza Al-Busaidi’s LinkedIn profile)

“Just a quick thought coach, I am glad that this evaluations have taken place across two semesters and you were able to witness it and understand the dynamics, challenges and opportunities.

This has helped us and is helping us immensely to look for ways to improve our approaches, methods of enhancing the teaching and learning process, the program, the entrepreneurship creativity and innovation course itself, the ways of assessments and modes of transferring these ideas to next level or to industry.

I myself have learned so much from you from InVoCanvas1 2023, and whatever groups I’ve evaluated or not, I have used some of the feedback I learned from you last semester and adapted it this time to help them improve.

But it’s a collective work and a whole ecosystem without some important pillars we fall and lack but we all complete each other.

So I am proud of us to have taken this step forward, to collaborate, to reflect and look for ways to improve.

Your support for the youth is monumental indeed and we were honored to have you as an evaluater for the second time at InVoCanvas.”

Nachiket Rao's profile picture.

Nachiket Rao

Personality Coach & Life Coach

(Nachiket Rao’s LinkedIn profile)

“In one of our coaching sessions, I had the pleasure of meeting Ahmed. His insightful perspective on my business, coupled with his ability to provide clarity and define my niche based on my strengths, was truly remarkable.

Ahmed’s guidance not only revitalized my struggling business but also equipped me with invaluable insights into business management and effective marketing strategies. His dedication and passion are truly inspiring, motivating me to elevate my business to new heights of success.

Additionally, Ahmed’s assistance in book writing proved to be commendable, enabling me to effortlessly publish a book that significantly boosted my visibility within the literary community.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ahmed to anyone looking to enhance their business, revive a struggling venture, or gain clarity on their niche. He is not only incredibly talented but also a wonderful individual.

I am confident that others will benefit immensely from Ahmed’s expertise and guidance.”

Dr. Anum Gohar

Founder & CEO at Evolve | Mindset & Transformation Expert | Speaker | Author | CCE – ICF Certified Coach

(Dr. Anum Gohar’s LinkedIn profile)

“Ahmed has been a significant figure in our Author’s Mastermind. He possess some amazing skills regarding the entrepreneurship. When it comes to coaching Ahmed is equipped with incredible skills regarding how to decode the patterns of person who wants to shift from being an employee to an entrepreneur.

Best Wishes to you Ahmed.”

Omer Alghafri's profile picture.

Omer Alghafri

(Omer’s LinkedIn profile)

“I recommend dealing with Mr. Ahmed Al-Kilani because of the great experience he holds.

He helped me clarify the path to entrepreneurship by helping me create a business model in the correct way, in addition to clarifying the types of feasibility studies for projects and the differences between them and what entities will support my project and clarifying the skills and capabilities that must be developed. Before starting a business to manage it properly and correctly.”

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